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first trip to the meadowland. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts right now. >> there is a live look outside. and dark this morning. it's cool and take a jacket with you. it's wednesday, october 17th. good morning, i'm tony parkins. >> i'm allison see mere and happy you're with us on this hump day, wednesday. >> yeah. >> and let's go to tucker barnes. >> good morning, everybody. and that is a cool start and we got about 20 minutes to sunrise and, once that happens, we should so plenty of good sun and topping off near 70s. something to look forward to and some clouds streaming through earliy this morning and the trend is to keep things nice and dry out here. we're expecting mostly sunny conditions as the high pressure
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continues to ctrol the mid- atlantic weather here for another day and a half or so. temperatures are quite cool, reagan national has reached 50 degrees. at dulles, though, check it out. 38 degrees and much of the area here to the west and north of the city is currently running in the 30s. kids want to bring a jacket if you're going for a jog this morning. be prepared for chilly october weather the next few hours and forecast couldn't look brighter, high temperatures up near 70 degrees and we'll be looking at the good conditions for the next day nalor so. seventy this afternoon, lots of sunshine expected with mild conditions around here. let's see traffic with julie wright. good morning, julie. >> and on the northbound side of route 5, checking for the crash reported near off the road. the crew and sky fox back with
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us, checking out the top stretches of the beltway as you work between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. the authorities are checking for a crash here. again, wall-to-wall traffic westbound 495 out of college park and to silver spring. again, checking for what is reported to be a accident between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. and that is reported before you reach 216. we have the latest in virginia and traveling northbound i-95 and that is some activity before dale boulevard. traffic remains heavy and slow and again, leaving dale city and all the way to the beltway. 395, and tied up leaving the beltway to king street and the 14th street bridge. we had an incident reported here. whatever was here is moving on and traffic is remaining heavy and slow in this area. southbound 270, approaching 109 from germaown and to 370 emergency roawork still in place and block off a portion of military road and that is ongoing road work downtown northbound 17th street and closed off to northwest because
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of the crash. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you very much, julie. it was a tense round 2. the dust is still settling this morning after last night's presidential debate in new york. already, the candidates are hitting the campaign trail. >> president obama heading to two events, one in cedar rapids, iowa, and then tonight, he's in athens, ohio. mitt romney has two campaign appearances in virginia today. the governor will go down to chesapeake this afternoon and back to leesburg tonight. sarah simons has more. as i'm reading that, they're busy. >> yes, they are. >> how do they do it? >> i don't know. they were feisty last night. >> everywhere. >> and allison and tony, you know, as you mentioned, it's the second predential debate and in there, it was supposed to be driven by questions from the immediate audience and quickly got heated. at times, seemed to spin a bit
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out of control. >> candy what, governor romney said it was not true. >> reporter: from the outset, it was clear this is going to be a different debate from the last one. >> you will get your chance in a moment. i'm still speak. >> reporter: after what the president acknowledged was a weak showing at the first debate two weeks ago, this time he was engaged and on the attack. >> governor romney doesn't have a five-point plan but a one- point plan and that plan is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules. >> how about $4 trillion of deficits over the last four years, 5 trillion. that is math that doesn't add up. >> reporter: the most tense exchange of the night came with a question about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya last month. >> who was it that denied enhanced security and why? >> reporter: it was a question the president would not directly answer. >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in ben ghazi an act of terror. >> get the transcript. >> reporter: the president's comments, the day after the fact, in fact, were not
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entirely clear. keeping with debate tradition, both sides claimed victory today. the question, whether this will move the polls as the first debate did. >> completely off. >> reporter: or if voters will so it as a jumbled mess of finger pointing. >> on the third and final debate, it's set to take place at lynn university in boca raton, florida, next monday night. the main topic is foreign policy. that is the latest now. back to you. >> all right, sara, thank you so much. an offhand reference to binders fill up women by mitt romney was a hot topic on social media. he made that remark while explaining that as governor of massachusetts. he had more women in his cabinet than any other state's governor. >> we took a concerted effort to find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. a know the -- i went to a number of women's groups and can you help us find folks.
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we had binders. i was proud of the fact -- . >> internet users are quick and not long before someone started a and a twitter handle with atromney dash binders and has 33,000 followers this morning. >> didn't take long for some images to hit the internet. check out the old photo of secretary of state hillary clinton checking the smart phone. the new caption, romney still uses binders, lol. >> and a new twist on a famous movie line. from the movie dirty dancing, no one puts baby in a binder, you know, no one puts baby in a binder. okay. well, we have asked to you sound off this morning on under arrest facebook fan page. bret posted of course there was a clear winner, it was whomever you supported before the debate. >> jean writes i think mr. obama did about ther. mr. romney was not forth coming in his answers. my mind is finally made up. and ann posted i think it was a
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draw. i personally do not like the way the country is progressing, i am ready for a change. don't know whether that can happen with either candidate. >> we'll use some of your the twos and facebook posts for a new show. fox-- fox 5 news edge will focus on issues the final two weeks of the campaigns and starts next monday at 6:30 p.m. here on fox 5. a check now of the other top stories, a double shooting in silver spring is under investigation. just after 7 last night, police were called to the golden china restaurant in the 12,000 block of old columbia pike. the victims were actually found two miles away, however, shot in a car. both men are expected to survive. health officials in virginia announced another
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person died from fungal meningitis in the state. the total number is 15 dead and 233 infected, spanning more than two dozen states. it's caused by a contaminated steroids shot used to treat back pain. yesterday, criminal investigators and the fda visited the new england compounding center to investigate the contamination of the medication. and. two virginia men who got lost while hiking in montana are safe and sound back in town. they were hiking in the glacier national park last week when they fell down the steep incline and veered off of the hiking trail. family members ended up calling police when they missed their flights home last friday. after days of searching, rescuers found them on monday in good condition. >> we have the rescue teams to thank for that. we can't express enough
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gratitude to everyone who on what has been done on our behalf since we were gone. we're relieved to be back. >> they are experienced hikers and park rangers credit their survival skills for keeping them alive. later this morning, we'll look at the new 495 express lanes set to open by the end of the year. the lanes are now in the final stages of construction and is they will offer drivers a chance to free the lanes. the lanes will be free to drive in if three or more people are in the vehicle and coming up next, a sneak peek at the express lanes and we're getting your questions answered. melanie alnwick will take us inside the express lanes operation center. it's 9 minutes after 7:00 this wednesday morning. a former president is honored in new york city today. with a memorial that was decades in the making. >> and redskins next opponents,
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the giants. why the skins have reason to go into this sunday's game with confidence. >> plus, not looking good for the new york yank ease. y that now on the verge of being swept out of the play- offs. sports director with this. ecto . >> and as we go to the break, a live look outside. we're going get the latest weather and traffic from julie. coming up next. man: to some people,ocial security is just a number. but to me, it's money that i earned. i count on social security. and i don't want washington politicians like george allen... privatizing it. if george allen wants to risk his own money on wall street... that's fine. but i don't want him risking mine. george allen just isn't watching out for us. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising.
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. welcome back. the make -- making headlines this morning. a busy international border crossing is still closed this morning after a border agent was shot in the neck. the police say a man driving a van with washington state plates was trying to cross into canada when he opened fire on the woman while she was in her booth. she was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. the gunman was found dead at
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the scene. the police say it appears he killed himself. the piece arch in blaine, washington, is third busiest u.s.-canada crossing. investigators are still looking into a motive. residents in new england felt several after shocks of an earthquake centered outside of portland, maine. the 4.0 magnitude quake hit after 7 last night and rattled parts of new hampshire and could be felt in downtown boston. there are no reports of injuries or significant damage. and 40 years after the original design, a memorial in new york city honoring former president franklin d. roosevelt is finally complete. the memorial, called the franklin roosevelt for freedoms park, will be dedicated today. it's located on the two-mile- long roosevelt island between manhattan and queens. former president bill clinton will attend the ceremony. the park will on after the roosevelt state-of-the-union address given in 1941. >> that's nice. >> yes. >> the expressway in new york,
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fdr? >> yes. >> first you get the road and then -- . >> right. forty years in the makes. >> -- in the making. >> would that be considered street -- . >> yes. >> thank you i got nothing else. >> we're off to a nice start weather-wise. it's cool out there. the temperatures for much of the area in the 30s, even though at reagan national we 50, much of the area in the 30s overnight and we're going to be slow to warm up here. we'll see highs near 70 and that should be a nice afternoon. all right, let's do what we do. and go around the country to see what we can find and talk about the weather traveling and much of the country quiet. 59 in chicago; no extreme cold out there and into wyoming, 32 and we have a change of air mass. the cold front out to the west. now approaching -- you see it there approaching minneapolis and moving into missouri later today. in fact, looking for some rain for that baseball this afternoon into saint louis. yeah, see what happens with
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that and that cold front is heading in our direction and won't get here until late in the day tomorrow. and tomorrow night. and so, we should be beautiful day with a lot of sunshine, highs about 70 and most of tomorrow should be fine and by late thursday and early friday, we'll get a period of rain showers around here and some thunderstorms with the cold front that is west of minneapolis and that is it. otherwise, lots of sunshine in the forecast for most of the seven-day forecast. and this is your accuweather today, late rain tomorrow, friday, saturday, and sunday look great, cooler this weekend and that is close to perfect for october. >> i love it. >> sure is. >> baseball in st. louis. it reminds me of my short time there when mark mcgwire was going to the home? >> high got good -- for years. >> they have. it was exciting and now we put some at times. >> that's true. >> let's go to julie wright and find out what is happening with traffic. hey, julie. >> all right, you guys. very much a busy commute out here. we hit the ground running early this morning and have things popping up on us. the crew in sky fox, one less
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accident to report and this is on southbound i-95, south of 32 and before you reach 216. the accident activity has the two left lanes blocked and you will find most of the activity pulled into the median. again, the state police on the north side, the accident occur on the southbound stretch. one vehicle off of the road to the median. the tow truck on the scene and delays southbound from 32 to 216 and northbound. except rubber necking delay north of the area and heading past the scene. the good news, all lanes are open. and between route 1108 westbound, eastbound you will find the lanes open. slow traffic on the outer loop, typical around this hour, on the georgia avenue and the emergency road work in place long military road and with connecticut avenue and western to 42nd street and that occurred yesterday afternoon. and you will find lanes open and inbound to the southbound 270 spur, an hour and 15 minute ride. again, that is with all lanes open. wrapping it up in virginia,
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northbound 395, the accident activity reported on the d.c. end of the bridge before maine avenue on the right side and heavy volume to king street and from the pentagon to the potomac and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the redskins face a division rival on sunday and the yankees play-off run could end tonight. >> reporter: are you ready to go to new york and test your medal and -- metal and see what you have got? >> yes, i would agree. >> i think it's time. i can't remember when they have gone six weeks in the regular season without playing the season 58 opponent. >> they want them to matter. >> boy do you ever and this is bunched up. the redskins tied with the eagles for second place, 3-3 and they going up there with young guys that the giants have not seen before and this guy is good, too. >> yeah. >> and to the giants, we talked
7:19 am
about this all morning and it's funny that -- minura, who was calling him bob and refers to him as rd-3 and everyone realizes how good he is. the timing of the scheduling doesn't matter. >> don't worry about when you play different teams, and i would say it's an advantage, if you're going to play within your division, and i think that is a big benefit for us with robert and with that kid like alford. he would play earlier than later. >> and we did down there and -- we go down there and that is going to take a team effort like this week to go there and -- . >> this is the thing, though. you figure out, you have 10 games with the redskins, and six against the divisional opponents and feel like they're playing them left and right. miguel cabrerra for the tigers,
7:20 am
the triple crown winner and with that double to the gap. tigers up 2-0 and with justin verlander on the hill and it's 2-1, two on, two out, and ibanez, who is unbelievable. >> yeah. >> and in some play-offs strikes out. the final out. tigers up 3-0 and with the struggles with aroad, you wonder if the yankees are, in fact, done and they look close to being done. >> yeah. >> and the other series that you can see here is the cardinals and the giants, game three resumes today and we might have weather issues to watch in st. louis. that is weather permitting and they can get it on and that is going to be 4:00 on fox 5 and we talked about it yesterday. watch out for retaliation. i have been hearing some whispers that they might go hard with the giants today
7:21 am
after what happened there and how about some soccer? world cup qualifying. united states and kansas city. they get the red, white, and blue flags out there and taking on guatemala and having to get a win or tie to keep going and they did that. to that. what a great name. >> yeah. >> and tied up at one and the 18th minute, we're going get the go ahead, doing johnson finds -- the go ahead to johnson and scores. >> wow. >> and the u.s., they win 3-1. good luck, boys, let's get to the world cup and do some damage this year. i'll be very curious to see how the redskins, how this plays out in new york. tough test, good test, good litmus test. >> the good thing about the rookies going up there? >> yeah. >> they have nothing to fear. >> right. >> and hey, all we know is that we beat them twice last year. >> there you go. >> and my sense, they have no fear, anyway. >> right. >> and jimmy lang, the boxer extra ordinary.
7:22 am
>> very -- extraordinaire. more fallout at a university involving a staff member. >> and metro fell behind on the promise to expand cell service throughout the transit system. when the projects expected to be completed. be completed. >> and that is scary n time for halloween. a scarecrow contest. holly is coming up with more details on the fun-filled day for the whole family, including pumpkin carving and an art show. [ harry umlaut ] the five stages of muller. suspicion: it's yogurt, how good can it be?
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revision. "actually, this ain't bad"? surprise! "look at this cool corner thingy!" desolation. "it's gone." anticipation "hey! there's more in the fridge." [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy.
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. new this morning, metro's long awaited promise to expand wireless service may have to wait longer. "the washington post" reports that metro has requested an extension on the project saying that they need until december of 2015 to ensure all safety upgrades are in place following the 2009 redline crash and this
7:26 am
is the second extension requested by metro since the deal was made in 2008. >> gallaudet university's president said the university wants to work with the school's chief diversity officer after she was disciplined for signing a petition on gay marriage. dr. angela mccasile was suspended with pay last week after it was revealed she signed for a petition calling for gay marriage to be put on the ballot and is demanding to be re-enstated. the president of gallaudet said a compromise can be reached. she is not anti-gay but pro democracy and has not said if she will vote for or against same-sex marriage in maryland on november 6th. if you're looking for a job, there is a career fair in prince george community college in largo. dozens of companies and government agencies will be accepting resumes. it's free and open to the public. organizers are asking job seekers to register in advance
7:27 am
and that starts at noon. the great american dust bowl of the 1930s is sweeping into classrooms across the nation this morning. we'll show you details next. and it's back to the campaign trail for the candidates after a feisty second debate. after the break, political strategists from both sides of the aisle will join up live with their reaction to last night's faceoff. . >> and as we go to the break, this is a live look outside. traffic delays out there. julie wright's got the latest on that. tucker barnes has a look at the forecast when we return at 7:27. investments, personally, about paid 14% in federal taxes, is that fair to the guy higher rate than you did? romney: "yeah, encourage economic growth." us. is that the way to grow america? this message.
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. the nine states and the district will take part in a national youth summit on the dust bowl this morning. the summit will be webcast from the national museum of american history at 10:00 a.m. and they will look at the impact of drought and agriculture on global food security and will include a discussion with experts and segments from the upcoming documentary called the dust bowl. >> american history. >> uh-huh. >> love american history. >> a tough decade. >> and unfortunately, parts of the country in drought again this year. >> yeah, and last summer. >> i suspect that is one of the reasons why they're doing this because, you know, what was true then is true now in some
7:31 am
cases and hopefully we can learn from it. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> sounds interesting. >> it does sound interesting. >> have you had a chance to check out the leaves driving around? >> i mean it's all around. >> the colors are changing here and this is that weekend to enjoy then. >> really? and it's really the next two weeks. >> okay. >> and these cool nights do a lot and you'll probably notice the trees are green a couple of days ago and starting to turn here over the next few days and ho, we're near peek here and that is with some leaf-changing conditions and that is the case this weekend as well and this is the weekend to do it and should cooperate and get out here, with the temperatures in the 60s on saturday and sunday and into portions of new england. lots of cool temperatures on the map, particularly west and
7:32 am
north. typical and we have 30s here in places like gaithersburg, 37; 36 in frederick; 36 in winchester, southern maryland, leonardtown, 43 degrees and 42 in fredericksburg. the entire area is nice and cool. we'll remain cool here another hour or two and start a gradual warm-up and that is a nice, mild afternoon expected and no cloud cover moving through overnight and not with the rain showers associateed with it, the high pressure is keeping things nice and dry around here and that area of high pressure will scoot off of the coast here later today and you will notice the winds. yesterday, they were kind of breezy out of the north and west. today, they're out of the south at 5 miles an hour and that is going to warm things up around here later this afternoon. and 70 the daytime high. beautiful afternoon, lots of sunshine, and perfect leaf viewing weather, and mop, on -- 51, the overnight low and this is your forecast.
7:33 am
the next few days, temperatures in the low 70s and later tomorrow, i think tomorrow night into early friday, a period of rain showers and a thunderstorm and that will exit by early friday and that is your nice looking weekend and light look at traffic and get the latest. you ready? >> you think? >> a new accident reported westbound on 50 near i-97. heads up inbound from annapolis and have some slow traffic inbound on 50 on the parkway, leaving riverdale and cheverly into northeast. the average speed is from 202 to 16 miles an hour and headed to new york avenue and bladensburg road. and the top side, 95 to the georgia avenue and delays, southbound on 270 from buckie's town and about an hour and 5 commute. new problems and the remains of a car fire and this is eastbound. the left turn lane remains closed off here with the help on the scene and not much of a
7:34 am
backup but something to watch out for as you travel eastbound on 28. you will find northbound and from the beltway to king street. the pentagon to fourth street bridge and eastbound on the freeway near main avenue and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the second presidential debate of 2012 in the books. the town hall format was a big change from the formality of the first debate between president obama and governor romney and joining us with reaction is strategist peter span. jim is away this week, we welcome back to the show the former publisher of campaigns and elects campaign, jordan lieberman, the president of campaign grid and provides strategies for republican candidates. good to see you again. >> thank you. >> let me start with you, peter. those who say that the president had a better showing last night, what is your
7:35 am
impression? >> i think barrack is back. if things were rough two weeks ago, he got his mojo back last night. and most of the polls credited obama with a vehicle nor that debate. more importantly, though, i think he showed himself very strong on the libya question where romney thought he was going to make some gains. he really appeared presidential, he was very forceful and caught romney in the gaffe misstating what obama said. i think that everyone was tweeting last night when is he going to mention the 47%. >> right. >> and what he did smartly, he made his arguments about it and held it to the end and i think this is very, very important for obama, and i think quickly, that a lot of democrats were
7:36 am
worried that he would be laid back again and romney would take advantage of him and that the election could be in trouble. i think folks are feeling better. >> what did you think of the governor? >> i think he's had a harder time connecting with the people than barack obama, he is who he is. he didn't make a major mistake, the bar was pretty low. all he had to do is show up and not knock anything over or forget his name to improve upon that performance. i think people were impressed with barack obama's performance compared that to last night time a. end of the day, i think it was a draw. i think mitt romney did what he needed to do. he excited his base on the first debate. i think you will see the polls not move as much as the first time. >> peter said the word presidential. let me ask you this question. there were some times -- let's look at the clip. there were time when is the two men were talking over each other and there was a moment where the governor basically said i am still talking to the
7:37 am
president and it is, you know, are the gloves off entirely in this type of situation? >> let's listen. this is on energy. >> okay. >> you need on all of the above strategies and that is what we're going to do the next four years. >> but that is not what you have done the last four years. that is the problem. in the last four years you cut permits and licenses on federal land and federal waters in half. >> not true, governor romney. >> how much did you cut? >> not true. >> by how much did you cut? >> we have produced more oil. >> no, no, how much did you cut licenses and perms on federal land and waters. >> governor romney, this is what we did. there were a whole bunk of oil companies. >> i had a question and the question was how much you cut the money. >> you want me to answer the question, i am happy to answer the question. >> all right, here it is. >> he's what happened. you had a whole bunch of oil companies who had leases on public lands that they were not using. >> okay, just an example of the back-and-forth. and as a person who will have to vote, i would imagine that that is pretty exciting if to
7:38 am
see these two men go after each other. where is the line on that? >> it's changed. >> i think one of the things obama learned from the first debate was he couldn't sit back and take it. he had to come back. >> huh. >> and he is the president, bush had little trouble and dealing with jon kerry in 2004. the interesting thing about this that seems to me, first of all, it helped obama to do that. the fact checkers came back and agreed with obama on that question. second point, and this is not to whine, there is a hard-and- fast rule that they both signed that they said not ask ask questions of one another. they knew that going in and they knew not to do that and romney did it. who cares, everyone said. that to me shows a little bit of lack of respect for the president, but it shows a lack of respect for the rules that you signed. >> and what do you think about
7:39 am
that? >> i think there is a lot of rules that barack obama broke in his presidency. this is all fair. >> what about the debate? >> they both broke the rules and we're not allowed -- those things happen, this is a debate, a tough elect. >> let me say that the audience was comprised of those undecided voters and how are you undecided at this point? and seems to me the platforms are very opposite of each other. who are they? >> there is an interesting thing and may be you read this, too and they call them uncommitted. >> okay. >> what they did is someone thought they could change their mind. >> okay. >> and what does this mean, obviously, you know, not eastern eye think, when they said, do i have a chance to be in the debate and on tv? >> yeah, yeah. >> right. >> and can you never tell -- . >> and we do this for a living and i am sure you said the same question, the organizations coming down the next few weeks k you give me a list of
7:40 am
undecided voters? >> that is interesting to me. was anyone swayed last night? >> i think republicans are happy with their performance. i think democrats were happy. >> okay. >> and i think -- the position. >> i will tell you who was suede, women. this is a big debate for the president. >> what about the binders. the binders comment. why has that taken off, do you think? >> first of all, what happened was the massachusetts women political caucus and other groups came up with a list of women for romney. he didn't ask for it, so he misled on that. secondly, the number of women has gun up while he was in office and actually while he was in office went down. the statements were not true and we had -- the work issues and the polls showed that by over 25 points, women thought that obama thought better. my sense is, and i might be wrong about this, but you will
7:41 am
see a backup amongst women voters after this. >> we're out of time, jordan, i want to give you a quick last word. impressions of last night, what needs to happen moving forward? >> i think he needs to study hard. we're talking about foreign affairs next time and that is a tough issue for him. he's a business leader, doesn't do a lot of international traveling and diplomacy. needs to study hard. >> and thank you both so much. >> i am getting used to you. maybe we'll get use -- see you next week? >> maybe. >> back to you. >> thank you very much. the x factor is welcoming two new faces to the hit show. we're going to fill you in after the break. and the humane society is trying to get the word out that veterinarians are in great need of canein -- canine blood deaners. they're hosting a blood drive for dogs in our area and we'll tell you how you and your four- legged friend can help in our 9:00 hour. stay with us, it's 7:41. five billion dollars in spending and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors,
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to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get things done. we were a great team in richmond and we'll be a great team in washington. i'm tim kaine and i approve this message ...because we'll work together to restore fiscal responsibility, grow our economy and create jobs. [ male announcer ] tim kaine. bringing people together to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.
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. time to open the buzz bin this morning. heal berry revealed in a -- halle barry revealed she's
7:45 am
related to sarah palin. even she was surprised when a fan sent her information informing and -- informing her and proving that palin was a distant relative. the x factor has two new hosts. actor mario lopez and reality star khloe kardashian. odom will make the first appearance on the x factor's live show in november. it's all official now. there it is. >> all right. >> and not so much. >> can i say a quick shout out to linda? >> and this is globally inspired burritos. >> what is it called? >> boroko. >> i have been there. >> and linda is a big fan of the show and. >> thanks, linda. >> what do they put in them?
7:46 am
>> i had a med terannian burrito. >> oh. like a wrap and can you put what you want. >> okay. >> and this is globally inspired. >> okay. >> and trying to do something in this economy. >> and real quick. we had a minute. >> and what is to talk about. >> okay. >> going to be beautiful today, jane moving in. >> that is wrong, allison. >> no rain tonight? >> tomorrow night. >> okay. >> stick to your day job, alison. >> thankfully. >> and thank you for the effort, though, i love it. nice and dry today. seventy this afternoon and tonight, nice and dry. tomorrow night, the cold front to the west will get in here and bring us some rain later thursday and early on friday and some thunderstorms, too.
7:47 am
seventy this afternoon, a beautiful day tomorrow, late day and early evening, some showers move in and there is your weekend forecast and that is looking great. saturday and sunday, temperatures in the 50s and lots of sunshine. >> and thanks. nobody does it like you, really. >> trying to get a free burrito? >> i didn't say the name. i was asked the name of the place, if you remember. let's go to the tape. >> let's find out what is going on with traffic. >> candy, back check me, candy. >> and i love that. >> it's been bis out here on the highways, below speed from 210 and to 295 and down to about 31 miles an hour in the direction of the wilson bridge and a car, 210 north of washington and that is on the right side of the highway and outer delays in landover and to the georgia avenue. inner loop springfield, a 20- minute commute and an accident activity trying up.
7:48 am
and at huntsman boulevard and in virginiava, check it out. northbound 395 and approaching edsall road. v-dot on the scene of the crash and in springfield, north to landmark and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. still ahead, do you think you have what it takes to design a award-winning scarecrow. >> and holly tells us the wackier the better, hey, holly. >> if you think you have what it takes, the plainsva,va, is where you need -- plains, virginia, is where you need to be. we're here live to talk to you about the scariest, the funniest, the most creative and, most of all, the fall time family fun you can have if you come out here and enjoy it all. stay with us. [ male announcer ] we the people, the e middle clas, who move our country forward, work hard, raise families, and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class,
7:49 am
raising taxes on the average family by up to $2,000, while giving a tax break of $250,000 to multimillionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand we can't rebuild america by tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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marywe invest in them.umber one in america because but we can do even more. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million dollars at casinos in other states. question 7 keeps that maryland money in maryland through expansion of gaming in maryland. it will mean hundreds of millions of dollars for our schools. as governor, i can promise you, that money will go to education. that's the law and that's what we'll do. vote for question seven.
7:52 am
. the facebook fan of the day, today, we say hello to celeste johnson. she looks young to me and tells us she remembers waking up to watch fox 5 with her grandmother and mother when she was young and now that she has children of her own, she's keeping the tradition alive. >> the show is 24 years old? fox 5 morning news. >> yeah. >> and for your chance to meet a facebook -- to be a facebook fan, leave your name on the page. >> could have been wanda rama. >> and this saturday, residents and business owners plan to come out for the second annual village scarecrow contest. >> and that competition is
7:53 am
stiff. hole, see why that is scary? >> scarecrows don't eat much. they're always stuffed! >> good one. >> and when they do eat, they usually choose strawberries. [ laughter ] >> wait a minute, i'm bent over. [ laughter ] >> and this is probably rueing the day she invited us out here. linda neil, everybody. she's like the head of the business association here and she's a resident of the plains, she owns living artful life gallery and good morning to you. good morning, holly. >> and thank you for having us. >> thank you for coming. >> it's charming here on main street. we love it. we love the town and the people and the scarecrow competition. >> it's great and a lot of fun every year. >> and this is just the second year. >> the second year. how many are out there? >> this year we have over 36. i am thinking that we have about 38, 40 this year. >> oh, wow. that is a lot. >> and we're glad that all of the residents and businesses
7:54 am
have put out scarecrows and everyone's embracing it. >> and how does the competition work? >> they put out a scarecrow and get judged for scariest, funniest, most vietive -- creative, and we invite the people to come to town and pick the people's choice. >> it's crazy. we see them everywhere we go. some of them look more real life than others. >> yeah. >> and wait a minute! this is not a fake scarecrow, this is a person. you know what? this is george and joyce, and they hailed as the two most fun people in all of the plains. that is quite the title. >> yes, it is. and we're the cutest couple, too. >> the cutest couple, too. >> and most modest count what do you like about the -- couple. what do you like about the competition? >> i think it's great for the community to come together. >> reporter: it is. you like people to experience the hospitality as well? >> yes. >> reporter: you know what, you guys are the cutest, but we saw other impressive scarecrows out there. look at some of the pictures we got as we were driving around town this morning and people have really, like you said, in one year's time, people have
7:55 am
really gone all out. >> absolutely. >> reporter: so, tell me some of the things that people are doing. have, you know, you, obviously, are married to an artist and know about creativity. are you surprised at what they have been able to come up with? >> it's amazing how creative that people can be. >> are there any rules? >> no, it's wide open. the wackier, the better. >> really? >> yeah. >> and when you came up with the idea what, did people say? were they reticence -- reticent or -- >> we will be lucky to get 12 scarecrows. last year, we had 32. i was like woo, this is great. >> reporter: i don't know of any other up to that does a scarecrow competition. >> we're the only ones. >> reporter: you might recognize the name, tom neil, ladies and gentlemen, renowned painter in our area. how long have you been painting the area, tom? >> of two years. >> reporter: give years not counting today. >> 25 and one day.
7:56 am
>> 25 and one. we're in living artful galleries. >> i would say that everything is made in america and it's hard to find. >> don't you think your business characterizes what you will find in the plains? >> absolutely. everything is unique here and what makes it unique. >> a small town and a lot of fun. >> reporter: it's a lot of fun. we met the pearsons, they fun. and you have a couple of saturdays where you will be doing things, right? >> absolutely. >> and this coming saturday, we have a pumpkin, make your own jacko lantern, live music, a bit of an oktoberfest. next week, we have live music and we give the awards out for the scarecrows. >> very fun. >> and these two are the real reasons why we're here. they invited us. thank you for that. >> a link to the second annual scarecrow days here in the plains, virginia.
7:57 am
we're not going anywhere. in the next hour, you heard them talk about pumpkin carving, we're going to do that and checking out a place called furlano's market. we hear you have to get coffee there and we're doing it. >> that sounds good already. >> thank you very much. in over a month, shoppers will line up for black friday deals in over a month. >> unbelievable. >> if you want to avoid the mad rush, there is a better time to bag the bargain than the day after thanksgiving and that is sooner than you think. we have the details ahead at 8. >> and a faction statement that is not so tasteful. there is a campaign to help students in maryland pull up the pants. we'll explain what it's about and how you can help, too.  [ female announcer ] as you're making your decision...
7:58 am
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too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin . >> i want to make sure we get that for the record. he waited 14 days before he called it an act of terror. >> get the transcript. >> he did, sir. let me call it an act. >> straight ahead at 8, heated sparring in hempstead with on- the-spot fact checking. a look back at the feisty
8:01 am
second debate in a live report. good wednesday morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i amtony perkins. first, three weeks before e -- two weeks before election day and voters hoping to see the fireworks lacking in the first faceoff and we're not disappointed. like their running mates last week, they disagreed on almost every topic and fought over each other at every opportunity. the topics picked by the moderator candy crow ley covered everything from the economy to wedge's rights to the attack in libya that killed the u.s. ambassador and three americans. we turn to jennifer davis life from capitol hill. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: hi there, tony. throwdown is a good word, boxing matches. they circled each other on the stage and got in each other's faces and there is some finger
8:02 am
pointing. this was a more aggressive rematch. reaction is different this week. this time around, both sides are happy. >> governor romney doesn't have a five-point plan, but a one- point plan and that is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules. >> reporter: the president entered the second debate clearly more fired up than two weeks ago. romney kept up the offensive, too, arguing that the president's first term speaks for itself. >> he hasn't been able to cut the deficit and put in place performance -- reforms for medicare and security to preserve them. >> this debate round was town hall-style at hofstra university. with an open stage, they directly squared off in often tense and testy exchanges. >> hold on a second. >> i -- . >> mr. president, i am still speaking. >> reporter: things got heated over the deadly attack in libya. romney criticized the administration's response to request for additional security
8:03 am
and its assessment of the situation. >> whether it was misleading or we didn't know what happened, you have to ask yourself why didn't we know? >> eye visibly angly president shot back. >> and the suggestion that anybody on my team would play politics and mislead when we lost four of our own, governor s offensive. that is not what we do. >> reporter: at least two major snappolling put this in -- two major polls put this as a win in the obama court. mitt romney came in to the debate hitting 50% in a gallop poll among likely voters. we still have a tight horse race here and we have one more debate staged, the two men will square off on and that is next monday in boca raton, florida. the topic, foreign policy and i think you will hear more about libya which generated sparks on the stage last night. >> and thank you very much. and before that debate, there is a week's worth of
8:04 am
campaigning and it begins in virginia. today, mitt romney will rally in chesapeake and speak in leesburg. president obama will be back on the road in the midwest in cedar rapids, iowa, and athens, ohio. >> all right. three minutes after the hour now, coming to you later than we do. >> yeah. >> and that is a good political weather. >> should be a beautiful day. another gorgeous day up here with lots of sunshine expected and the high temperatures, warmer than yesterday and about 70s for afternoon highs and it won't be a perfectly sunny day but a dry day and the high pressure is moving overhead and should be nice and dry. the temperature at the national, 95 degrees. dulles, 38; very chilly, west and north of the city.
8:05 am
bwi marshal, 43; a cool start to the day and should be very nice this afternoon with the high temperatures near 70 by 5:00 p.m. and get out and enjoy the lead as it changes colors. a busy ride continues around the capital, landover and green belt. slowdowns on the inner loop to the beltway and to the wilson bridge. 30 miles per hour from 210 to 295. we have the stalled car that was your commute and northbound along 210 at fort washington and follow place police direction to get by. meanwhile, inbound on i-95, the traffic is still tied up and down to 16 miles an hour from 175 and to 216 earlier crash pulled over to the shoulder. the traffic on the wb parkway is slow leaving 198 and to powder mill road. the trip south on 270, lanes are open, an hour and eight minute commute from 85 to the split and lanes are open eastbound to goody drive and earlier incident is cleared and
8:06 am
this is northbound 395 approaching edsall road. the accident activity pulled over and delays in springfield and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you, julie. >> e. and if all goes according to plan, beltway drivers could see relief from the daily congestion, courtesy of the new 495 express lanes. the pay lanes will offer drivers a faster option for driving and today we'll get a speaker peek at what they worth. melanie alnwick joining us live with any details. if it works, it's great news. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. absolutely. that is what everyone is saying. they hoping that this 495 express lane projects going to work to alleviate that congestion everyone has to sit in, and we're here in the brand- new operation center of the 495
8:07 am
express lanes. joining me is the vice president of the communications here. we're thinking this is going to be a reality in two months, right? we'll see. we're honing in and need to alert beltway travelers that the construction is going well out there and we're on time and on budget. they need to take steps to be ready to prepare for when it opens later this fall. >> and what does this -- what is this room and how does it figure into the prospect does well -- project? >> this is the express operations center. it's the technology run out of this room that is going to son provide beltway travelers -- soon going provide beltway travelers with a trip. there are a number of strategies we'll use on the 495 express lanes to provide people that option. one is the dynamic toll system. where we have the tnt toll rates, they can manage traffic levels and keep the lanes free flowing.
8:08 am
others are improved incident response, better driver information, a whole fleet of express assist crews to help disabled drivers. all of the things are actively managed and they're going to work together to provide drivers on the beltway on the option for a faster trip. >> and as you and i discussed, some people are skeptical about the cost and they're worried it's going to be too expensive. >> first, from the 495 express lane, it's going to be a different toll road than in the region. for most people, it's not going to be an option they choose to go to and from work every day. what is there is the safety net for you when you really need it. and so, if you have a meeting in the morning and you want to make sure that you're there on time, it might make sense for you that day. i had a best girlfriend who pays $1.29 a minute, every minute she's late for day care. if she's running behind, it will make economic sense for her. we feel that while you can't predict the exact toll rate at any given time because it's based on realtime traffic conditions what, drivers can expect during rush hour is between three and $6, depending
8:09 am
on the level of congestion on the beltway and how far they're traveling. >>. and that is for someone not traveling the whole length of the road and maybe just three to five exits there. >> one example is a popular route and expect that route from i-66 eastbound north of tyson's corner to be popular. a congested area and a short stretch, but we think many commuters will find that an attractive option to get into the express lanes and jump into tyson's corner. one of the key benefits of the project, it's not that trip on the beltway, it's more a direct access to key destinations. tyson's corner is at the epicenter of the project and we'll have new access points to deliver commuters into june's branch, right on the west park bridge between the malls, and another option on route 7. really, an opportunity for them to get faster travel on the beltway and more direct access to where they're going. >> and more drains in the bathtub, which everyone would like to . have a good day. we have another segment coming up. in the 9:00 hour, we'll talk
8:10 am
about come what commuters who plan to use the road, will need to do to get ready for it. >> thank you. and well, big bird. back at the debate. but trending last night was not necessarily sesame street. >> and still ahead at 8, a look at how voters and social media reacted to some of the comments by the candidates. >> sagging pants are more than a fashion faux pas. we're going to talk to one of the organizers behind the pull- them-up campaign and why where's trying to change the way young men dress in prince georges county. 8:10 now. we'll be right back. pamela howze: it just seems like such an...
8:11 am
infringement on our lives. how dare they step into my life that way. it's none of their business. he's trying to restrict us, again. he's taking us backwards. george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:12 am
8:13 am
. into our newsroom, lance armstrong is stepping down as head of his charity. the seven-time tour de france winner wants to limit damage from his doping scandal. last week, the u.s. antidoping agency released a mass of report detailing the allegations by former team
8:14 am
members. liv strong has raised -- live strong has raised a half a billion dollars to fight cancer since 19 fine. the detroit tigers -- since 1997. the detroit tigers are a game away from the win. verlander took a shutout into the 9th inning, the tigers try to punch their ticket to the fall classic tonight and in the national league. the first pitch is for 4:07 and the series is knotted up at one game apiece. >> wish we were in it. >> me, too. >> it's 8:14 right now and let's go to tucker barnes for a little break. can't wait and time now for my first fox photo of the day and this is being cueed, everybody. >> thank you. >> i think we succeeded. >> thank you. look at this. >> how cute.
8:15 am
>> and we say hello to mr. camden, the human jacko lantern. >> is he in that? >> he is. >> and that is amazing. [ laughter ] >> look at his face. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> and that is coming out of the bottom, the feet. >> oh, my goodness. >> and that is -- . >> that is the best. >> i have never seen anyone do that before. >> i love the seat coming out. >> and that is. >> seems to be okay. >> and not camden they sent us the photos of their four-month- old and inside his first pumpkin. >> might be his last, too. >> right. >> the next few years. >> love it. >> and go to and click on mornings.
8:16 am
>> andlet on see the weather and we're off to a cool start here regional. 49 in washington and lots of 30s on the map locally and use a jacket. 56 this morning and up ahead of the next cold front. we will get some slightly mild air in here beginning later this afternoon. and then tonight. and looking at the national map, sunshine in the forecast for the washington area today and lots of high pressure. to the west, minneapolis and omaha and you see the green and the cloud cover? the timing is later tomorrow into early friday and with some showers and thunderstorms. looks like showers will be approaching st. louis and we'll have to so if that impacts the game or not and this is the accuweather seven-day forecast.
8:17 am
seventy this afternoon and just a gorgeous day. tomorrow, late showers, 72 anded from, saturday, sunday, sunshine and temperatures in the 60s for the weekend and that is a look at weather and let's get the latest from julie wright and see if she's in the pumpkin. >> i am not going to fit in that pumpkin. we have lingering delays for those continuing around the capital beltway and leaving 95 to past georgia avenue and that is heavy, slow, and steady and tied in to the beltway and we have some accident reported westbound in pennsylvania avenue coming in to the freeway and northbound 395, and we had cleared the accident sign and that fire truck is back at the location and that is tying up the far right lane. the delays are building northbound and from the springfield interchange and delays southbound 2 quick and that is where we had the accident activity and there is
8:18 am
that portion of westbound road. and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. speed limit pants on the ground. -- >> pants on the ground. there was a song about it a couple of years ago and this is some video. to some people, it's more about bad fashion and a cultural shift. the take charge foundation is leading the pull them up campaign, donating to teens in prince georges county. the initiative is about more than clothing and how you wear the pants good morning to you. thank you for joining us on the show today. >> thank you for having me. >> and tell me why not. yet importance of doing this now? the trend is not new. >> last year, we had a juvenile development program where we're trying to get kids ready. i had five young men come to
8:19 am
the program and we were doing mock job interviews. three of the five came in with their pants sagging and so immediately, we said time out, stop, you have to go back out and you have to have a belt on your pants and i thought about that and i said so many of our young people in this community don't have belts and have pant sagging and adopted the negative fashion trend not doing them any justice and we took the lead and decided to see if week raise the consciousness of the people and say we have to do something about this in the community and started the campaign. >> and light talk about the take charge foundation and the work you that do and this campaign within the foundation. >> okay. >> and that is what you're doing for them. >> and they're diverted to the program we don't think that juvenile detention is the
8:20 am
answer. 95% of the kid comes to our program and we serve 500 a year, you know, and they have had contact with the police and they come in and we make sure we give them tools and resources to use to get them back on track. >> okay. >> and image is one of our strongest components. we think that image is everything and to make sure our young people come in and have shirts, neck tie, shoes, and belts, and they project themselves well. that is one of the strongest parts of our program. >> i am curious ton how that is received by the young men? this trend has been going for so long, some of the young men, maybe that is how they dress, a part of whatever -- and you're looking at video from the store. the pants are bigger. >> right. >> and you see the belts low. >> uh-huh. >> and do you find that they're open to what you're saying? that one thing or that first
8:21 am
impression meet not characterize him in the positive light? >> i think one thing, it comes from the influences. who influences the young people? are they rappers, entertainers or parents? we try to make sure we teach the parents, hey, you have to be the ones to influence what your children do. you go shopping for them. and buy them clothes and give them money. you will be surpriseed to find out so many young men come to our program at 17, 18 years old who have not wore a shirt and tie or dress shoes since they were six or seven years old. >> right. >> and what happens, you have to dress the part. the mothers and grandmothers who bring them in, they're so happy and pleased with the fact that now they have realized their young man and have not seen this image for their son
8:22 am
and grandson. once they see the joy that they bring to their mother's and grandmother's lives, i think they begin to accept it and to embrace, hey, you know what? this is not bad after all. you know, looking good has positives and we want to change that dynamic and so we have been doing that and that is why i think this can catch on and the young people will see that value. we look at this and this is an economy that we all struggle in. we're looking for jobs. if we can do one thing to help the young people do jobs and look at the part, i think that is an advantage and plus for this. >> you will be leading the belt drive throughout november, 13 different locations across the county. you're asking people to bring new or gently-used belts, getting the community involved in the effort to get them ready for the world. we appreciate you coming in and we're going to link all of the information to our website, and this is the executive director of the take charge
8:23 am
foundation, jarod mustaf. the campaign is pull them up. we'll be right back. >> thank you. >> okay. take away his toys and he'll play w with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do...
8:24 am pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:25 am
. we took a concerted effort to find women who had backgrounds to be qualified to become members of our cabin the. i went to a number of women's groups and said can you help us
8:26 am
find groups and they brought us binders of the women. >> that binders remark got a lot of buzz on social media last night after the presidential debate. >> there were a few amazing exchanges like the big bird comment, and even though there were not as many in the debate last night, didn't take long for some clever images to hit the internet. check out the old photo of secretary of state hillary clinton checking the smartphone. the new caption said romney still uses binders, lol. >> and that is -- . >> is that funny? >> we have a new show starting next monday. the fox 5 news edge, you decide 2012, and that is going to start at 6:30 and we'll focus on this year's election and examine candidates in local and national races and that is starting next monday. still ahead in the next half hour, deals or duds? >> fox consumer reporter joins
8:27 am
us live to explain why waiting come freezing temperatures and predawn lines the day after thanksgiving might not be worth the holiday savings. when you should shop instead. 8:27, you're watching fox 5 morning news. ike leggett: gaming generated one hundred and eighty... million dollars for maryland schools. question seven will double it. rushern baker: question seven will add table games and... a new casino, generating millions of dollars... every year, without raising taxes. leggett: and audits will ensure the money goes... where it's supposed to.
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more jobs, and millions for schools. baker: question seven will be good for our kids... our teachers, and our schools. leggett: keep maryland money in maryland. baker: please vote for question seven. leggett: vote for question seven.
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would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me, but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
8:30 am
. developing in iraq this morning, a series of attacks in the capitol killed five people, injured 15 others. the police say a roadside bomb in western baghdad targeted a went off in a market in the southern part of the capital. a third bomb exploded in eastern baghdad. the grocery markets and security patrols are a favorite target of insurgents trying to undermine public confidence in the government. officials in virginia say another person died from fungal meningitis.
8:31 am
the infection stems from a steroids injection used to treat joint pain and it was made at a compounding center in massachusetts. they visited the facility, the new england compounding center to investigate the contamination of the medications. allison, people in new england got hit with several small aftershocks from yesterday's rare earthquake. the 4.0 magnitude quake struck after 7 last night and was centered outside of portland, maine. it could be felt throughout new hampshire and in downtown boston. and there are no reports of injuries or significant damage and this is the largest earthquake in the region since a magnitude 4.2 hit in 2006. >> hmm. >> all righty. >> and we been that? >> and we do. >> too much activity. >> and not predictable. >> yeah. >> and that is -- keep it move something.
8:32 am
>> that's right. >> and oh, boy. >> not going to roll. >> and you right. a cool start to the day and a beautiful afternoon and have to love the folks. 51 in annapolis and check out your 30s, yeah and hang in -- hanging in the 30s and they slow this i'm of the -- time of the year. 36 in frederick and that is nice and chilly, 39 in culpepper and monasses and some cool temperatures, 44 in quantico and should be a good day. the high pressure is keeping us nice and dry today and a couple of rain showers are push into this great lakes and we're not concerned with those and we should be just fine. the cold front is approaching
8:33 am
from the west and increasing the possibility of some showers around here and this is going to be our shower chance and they be a thunderstorm, too and with the winds out of the south, and that is pushing the temperatures about 5 degrees yesterday and some 70s. and this frontal system will give us a descent chance of some showers late tomorrow and tomorrow night and maybe a thunderstorm, too and that is's possibility. the front is pushing to the east, most of friday will be trite bright and sunny and things will be good around here into the weekend and cooler this weekend and still, that is a nice looking forecast. seventy today and showers late tomorrow and early on friday morning and out of here in time for the weekend and saturday
8:34 am
and sunday look great. thank you, still ahead at 8, a super gig for beyonce and the latest faces to join simon on the x factor. we'll tell but the two big announcements. >> and later, three rounds with boxer jimmy lang. dave ross goes mano-e-mano. that is the father of twins. training for this month's title fight. >> and nothing physical? >> that's right. no. >> and you right. 8:34. we'll be right back. as governor, i cut five billion dollars in spending and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors, to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get things done. we were a great team in richmond and we'll be a great team in washington. i'm tim kaine and i approve this message ...because we'll work together to restore fiscal responsibility, grow our economy and create jobs. [ male announcer ] tim kaine. bringing people together
8:35 am
to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.
8:36 am
8:37 am
. welcome back. freezing temperatures and lines. nothing compared to the bargain hunters, right? and turns out some of those might be duds. here's more on the look of a shopping study finding there is a better time to buy and that is going to be good news, steve. >> yes, especially if the people don't want to go shopping. and this is how it breaks down. they track 15 items by price and found that things are not always cheapest and this is a first example.
8:38 am
and this is popular and are regular for $150. the price drops to rock bottom during the months of september and october when they were $85 on black friday and cybermonday. guess what happened? the price shot back up and that is $135, the price tag, a 59% increase over the lowest sales price and this retails for $500 it was in the march when the price is $350 on the shopping holiday, and that price creeped up closer to $400. >> and wow. are there items we should be waiting for? >> generally, they don't go on sale every day, right. things like apple products, ipads and iphones are not
8:39 am
parked -- marked down. last year, apple surprised consumers with a black friday sale and that is unusual for them and that is something i would wait for. you're not going to pass up a sale and is they found that video games dropped in price by $100 on black friday and that might be something you want to wait for and then also, items that would generally tend not to sell unless they sole during the holiday shopping season and it dropped in price. >> and there are people who are serious about the shopping and how do we pair to get the best deals? >> and it's important to point out the study didn't take into account things like door worcester deals and discounts in the morning or night. you never know if you're
8:40 am
getting a good deal on something unless you know what regular retail is first for the item, right, and start your research now and get your base line so you know how much a tv is supposed to cost and that is when you will know if they're going to come out and they have started to come out for this year and there is no need to get up in the middle of the night to research and shop and can you do it online now. >> and i know people are doing that. good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> all right, allison. >> and still no shopping. it will be easier to keep up with the kardashians. that is because one of the kardashians is joining the x factor. reality star in her own right, khloe kardashian-odom will join mario lopez, who has done a bunch since saved by the bell. he will cohost with khloe for the sec season of the fox
8:41 am
talent competition. lopez has -- the pair has been friends for years and will have a blast working together. the episodes begin airing during the live shows in november. beyonce booked herself a gig and she will perform during the pepsi super bowl halftime show in february and yeah, they compare -- confirmed the news and posting this picture of herself wearing i-black during the date of the game and that is awesome. >> i think that is one of the best choices they have made in a long time. >> and that is very relevant. >> yeah, yeah. >> current. >> i like it. >> all right. >> and 841time is the time now. a wednesday morning o. this wednesday morning, coming up, the father of five and champion fighter. >> dave ross joins us live with local boxer jimmy lang, how he balances life at home and in the ring. he has a lot to do at home. >> yes, he does.
8:42 am
>> and how to cater to a crowd of scarecrows. good morning, hole. >> and that is harder thank you think. we're live and where they are gearing up for the annual scaregrow error error -- scarecrow days. why you and your family might want to come out and when you stereo -- you do, why you want to make sure you're hungry. stay with us. maryland schools are number one in america becausese
8:43 am
we invest in them. but we can do even more. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million dollars at casinos in other states. question 7 keeps that maryland money in maryland through expansion of gaming in maryland. it will mean hundreds of millions of dollars for our schools. as governor, i can promise you, that money will go to education.
8:44 am
that's the law and that's what we'll do. vote for question seven. on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise.
8:45 am
volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ . >> 8:45, let's say, it's celeste johnson. she remembers waking up with her mother and grandfather when she was young. log on to our facebook page with a comment undermer cute photo. >> uu -- under her cute photo. >> a battle of the beltway, not one that sports fans were
8:46 am
hoping for. >> and we're talking boxing and fans can catch jimmy lang square off and dave rose has more on the preview. good morning, gentlemen. >> tony, thank you very much. and week not get the nats so we got one step better. and he's one guy that helps keep the interest in the sport here in the dmv and that is always exciting to watch and has a big fight coming up saturday night, october 27th and we talking about jimmy lang who rejoins us again and great to see you as always and you choose to fight at the patriot center. what is it like fighting at home? >> it's great. we have been -- i have been working my whole life for this, and to see your peers and
8:47 am
friends and family, everyone be able to come on out and share that is a heck of a payoff. >> you're on a win streak. a lot of people would say that is pressure and the family and friends and you don't look at it as frustrating but motivation? >> who won't want that pressure? you have to take it and let it push you and thrive on it. >> we're talking about toney -- a clever nickname and talking about the battle here. what should we expect the 27th? >> and i think that you expect the fight that you do with me and that is a slug fest. i come in the ring and i get dirty and that is how it's going to be. tony has a lot of power, he can really punch and i am not saying that making -- makes me
8:48 am
nervous. >> yeah. >> and that is i a fact. you have two guys not afraid to mix it up. >> and you have 38 wins and 25 knockouts. you like to finish fights, right? >> absolutely not. >> and you got to finish. >> all right. >> and let's talk about the home life, jimmy and for people who don't know, it's not like boxing is what you do 24/7, we get that and you have some kids around the house, five and two sets of twins. tell us what that is like on a daily basis with two sets of twins? >> what do you think it's like? [ laughter ] we try to stay drunk all of the time. >> when you're the first set of twins, right, and you have a little girl in the middle and you hear the news that you're having a second set of twins, what did you think?
8:49 am
>> what can you think? you shrug your shoulders. it's a blessing, it really is and that is a cliche word. >> yeah. >> when they talk about the kids and what more can you ask for? if you want a big family, you're taking a shortcut. >> and when the kid comes and the wife comes to the fight, does that make you nervous? are you glad the kids are there? >> i am glad they're there and they do this with me on the daily basis, why not be there fight night? >> sure. >> and that is their night. they dress up. >> give me the ages of the kids? >> ming girl the single! >> yeah. >> and she's funny. i have a seven-year-old and two- year-old girl. they a twin and i have the boys
8:50 am
and, you know, they're idiots. i don't know. >> and they're trouble makers? >> yeah, they walk around bumping into each other all of the time. >> and i shake my head. >> yeah. >> the 10-year-old boy, and two- year-old boy and twins and 7- year-old girl. >> and we'll be there as we do, october 27th, saturday night at the patriots center and from baltimore and i'll tell you this, for people who have not come out to see you fight, they missing out and we had a blast. >> i appreciate you coming out and&supporting me. >> i'll tell you, can you see the way he is with the kids and i'm looking out, tony, you may have your hands full next saturday night. [ laughter ] >> and that is among the most honest interviews with a parent i have ever seen.
8:51 am
>> gemini -- jimmy, thanks for being on the show. this month, one community is focused on tough competition, the second annual village scarecrow contest and that is why one of the specialty -- specialty cooks is getting busy and hey, holly. >> reporter: he gave me a wonderful cup of coffee and encouraged me to come inside. he didn't make my coffee but the barista did and thank you so much. and we are here and can't show them to you. you will have to see them yourself and you can see the creativity. they put the call out to the
8:52 am
merchants and had to come up with whatever they could and there is going to be a contest, a people's choice fest. when you come out, you need to come out hungry because of this guy right here. nick forlano. >> thank you. >> and good morning to you. good morning. >> reporter: did you come up with that scarecrow? >> no, my servers did. >> you have people? >> yeah. >> and i liked it. i like the coffee. >> thank you. thank you. >> and when you have things like this, this is fun and brings the whole up to together. >> yes, it does. >> and you're going to be doing -- there is two saturdays of stuff going and you're going do something this coming saturday? >> we're going to do an oktoberfest team with a carving contest on saturday from 1-6. >> uh-huh. >> and we'll have live music in the park and we'll do homemade brautwurst and hot dogs and supported by local communities. we have the pumpkins donated over the grass farm. >> all right. >> and to some local farms. >> and this morning, we're making homemade?
8:53 am
>> homemade pumpkin, bread pudding, french-to-the- >> could you throw a few more things in there? >> and we're also going -- also going to tampel a local bacon. >> nice. >> and because everything is better with bacon. >> we're adding cranberries, one cup of sugar. >> nice. >> and some equal parts of war. >> okay. >> and one cup of orange juice and finish it with four ounces of honey. >> nice. >> and. >> this is going to be sweet. >> very sweet. how long would it take? >> ten to 15 minutes. >> uh-huh. >> and we'll bring it back with virginia maple syrup. >> nice. >> okay.
8:54 am
next. >> and this is our egg custard here. >> okay. >> and we'll add raisins. >> okay. >> and bread. >> why-day-old? >> it stands up to the custard better. >> okay. >> and we'll add four ounces of pumpkin puree. >> huh. >> and mix that altogether. >> and let that soak overnight. >> okay job, and this is what it looks like? >> this is what it looks like and we'll bake this at 325 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes. >> okay. >> and then? >> we cut our portions and which is this is the finished baked product. >> okay. >> and more cinnamon and nutmeg. >> and this is more than i think i can fit and you put it on the grill?
8:55 am
>> and this is like french toast. >> through the magic of television, the final looks like? >> voila. >> voila. >> and only found in the plains, virginia. where is my fork, please in. >> there it is. >> at forlano's, is our website. we have a link to the second annual scarecrow days and look how dense that is. they have stuff going the 27th los angeles and in the next hour. don't go anywhere. um, oh, my gosh. >> and that is bacon from -- the butcher. >> and this is -- i don't. i am going to eat the whole thing. um. >> i wish, too, we were there. thank you very much. it looks good. still ahead, the impact of the undecided voters. >> we're going to set down with the political science professor for a look back at last night's debate. it's eight 55:00, fox 5 morning news continues after this. [ male announcer ] we the people, the middle class,
8:56 am
who move our country forward, work hard, raise families, and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class, raising taxes on the average family by up to $2,000, while giving a tax break of $250,000 to multimillionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand we can't rebuild america by tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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under the president's policies, middle income americans have been buried. they're just being crushed. middle-income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. this is a tax in and of itself. i'll call it the economy tax. i'm not going to raise taxes on anyone. my plan is to bring down rates to get more people working. my priority is putting people back to work in america. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
8:58 am
8:59 am
. >> candy, what governor romney citizen not true. >> you will get your chance in a moment, i'm still peeking. >> a fiery debate in new york last night. who came up on top and did it have an impact. we'll bring it down ahead. melanie. >> well good morning, i am live here in the 495 express lanes operation center where this morning, we're learning about the newest express lanes that will be opening soon and including a checklist of things like this transponder here. what you going to need to do soon if you plan to use the new lanes. >> thank you. and dogs saving dogs. humans donate blood, right? your dog can, too. find out if your dog qualifies and where to make that ha

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